natural foundation.

Granite is a strong, timeless and visually appealing material. Its use in landscape construction elevates the pleasantness, distinction and attractiveness of areas new and old.

Quality urban construction benefits everybody.

Ylamaa Massive Granite delivers standardized, project-specific granite construction products for the construction of urban environments that are both enjoyable and ecologically sound.

Granite has low carbon footprint.

Hard material that is easy on the eyes. Our key landscaping products feature paving slabs, stone wall blocks, bollards, stairs and curb stones.

Hard material that is easy on the eyes. 

We have delivered products for e.g. the main square at shopping centre Sello, Helsinki, Kamppi Square, Helsinki, Valamo monastery, Linnanmäki amusement park, Helsinki, Vosstanya Square in St. Petersburg and Hermitage museum art warehouse, St.Petersburg.

Great availability, fast delivery.

We keep our catalogue’s most popular products in stock. Thanks to this anticipatory measure, we are able to respond to most orders without undue delay. 

Five looks that rock.

Granite is an all-natural material that has many uses and many admirers. All our granite landscaping products are available in four spectacular hues: Karelia Red, Baltic Brown, Baltic Green, New Balmoral and Kuru Gray.

Paving slabs

Usage: outdoor areas, pedestrian areas, pedestrian streets, squares.
Typical sizes: 300x300mm and 600x600mm
Typical strengths: 80mm, 100mm and 120mm
Surface finish: flamed and bushhammered

Stone wall blocks

Usage: one and two-sided walls, planting areas, massive curb stones, area boundaries.
Typical length: 600–1200mm
Typical strength: 300x300mm
Surface finish: flamed, bushhammered


Usage: outdoor boundaries, driving obstacles
Typical lengths: 600/1200mm and 1200/1800mm (600mm or 1200mm is visible)
Typical strengths: 200x200mm and 300x300mm
Surface finish: flamed, bushhammered


Usage: massive and high-quality outdoor stairs
Typical lengths: 600mm and 1200mm
Typical strength: 130x420mm, 150x380mm
Surface finish: flamed, bushhammered

Curb stones

Usage: boundaries for driving lanes, planting grounds, grass areas and park walkways.
Typical models: S15, S17, S22, V17 and V22. More narrow models also available for e.g. park use.
Surface finish: flamed, bushhammered

Ylamaa Group

Ylamaa Group is one of the leading stone companies in Finland. We deliver esteemed Finnish granite for construction industries around the world.

Ylamaa Group contains several  companies:
Ylamaa Massive Granite Oy,
Ylämaan Graniitti Oy
and LT Granit Oy.
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Committed to Finnish granite.

We have a strong focus on product development, productizing and continuous service improvement.
We are committed to the development of our portfolio and this effort is ongoing.   

We started our operations already in 1958. The secret of our longevity is our stellar reputation as a dependable, quality-oriented partner.